Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Have You Done Proper Estate Planning? Part 4 of 4

The Importance of the Team Approach

Creating an estate plan is not difficult, but it does require the involvement of all your professional advisors:  your attorney, your accountant, and your financial and insurance advisors.  If all the professionals are included in the planning, you are much more likely to have a plan that works.  If not, you may receive conflicting advice that leads to confusion and inaction.  

We suggest that you allow your estate planning professionals to involve your other advisors in your planning, and keep them apprised of steps you are taking.  That way everyone is fully informed and has a chance to offer their particular expertise to the process.  

A Proper Estate Plan Meets Your Goals
and Keeps You in Control 
of the Process and the Results!

A Word of Caution
Proper estate planning revolves around your relationship with a qualified estate planning attorney.  Unfortunately, there are many businesses and salespeople masquerading as estate planning professionals.  They are inundating the public with sales schemes that involve selling wills, living trusts, and other estate planning documents without the involvement of attorneys in the design and drafting of the documents.  They are the opposite of what I and my colleagues in the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys stand for. 

Proper estate planning requires professional thoroughness by attorneys and other advisors and respect for the overall well-being of the client and the client's family.  We aspire to the highest ethical professional behavior that will lend dignity to the client, the planning professionals and the planning process.  

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