Friday, February 25, 2011

Shred Mania Month

We noticed on our little wall calendar today that February is "Shred Mania Month!"  It suggests that you go through all of your "important" papers, files, and documents.  Things that you thought were important six months ago, probably aren't anymore.  Once you've made sure that everything is up to date and accurate, "give that shredder a workout," it says.  How perfect!  Need help making sure your affairs are up to date?  That's where we can help you.  For our current clients, you can ensure that your estate plan will be in good working order by reviewing and sending back you Asset Review Reports.  Don't have an estate plan?  Well, now that you've cleaned out your files, bring all your papers in and we'll help you make one.  Happy Shred Mania Month!

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